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by Dr. Karl-Heinz Weiss-Trapp

Decisions must be made everyday, with consequences that cannot always be estimated, but for which responsibility must always be taken. Doing is the order of the day. Doers are in demand. But when is there enough time for reflection or orientation?

Reflection and orientation for C-Levels and professionals in a complex environment

The everyday life of C-Levels and professionals is demanding; an everyday life that is not ordinary after all. It requires results that move the company forward. Fast, solid and guaranteed to be a success. Achieving this requires, among other things, pragmatic goal-setting, the development of strategies, decision-making in the face of insufficient information, the implementation of measures, knowledge of interrelationships, the strengthening of strengths and, last but not least, the courage to solve problems.

Those who bear leadership responsibility and have to master challenges are involved in a complex system that is exposed to many influencing factors.

Decisions have to be made everyday with consequences that are not always predictable, but always responsible. Doing is the order of the day. Doers are in demand. But when is there enough time for reflection or orientation?

Those who are so committed to their professional role often reach the point where it is imperative to ask more far-reaching questions.


Are practiced approaches to solving tasks still adequate when measured against the changing demands of today's world? Why do we repeatedly encounter real or apparent contradictions and resistance?

Can we not see the forest for the trees, because we are moving through the labyrinths in the belief that we are moving forward in a goal-oriented manner, only to come to another dead end? In this way, even the best resilience inevitably fizzles out.

But there is another way: With the help of coaching, you can use your strengths, your experience, your knowledge and all your skills in a meaningful way to develop and expand your potential and use it to achieve your goals.

Goal- and solution-oriented exchange with a sparring partner.

Achieve concrete results for future action with your THRONSBERG coach, who looks at your situation from the outside as a sparring partner and enables changed perspectives, provides new insights and thus sharpens your perspective. Individual coaching supports you, for example, in targeted career planning, professional and personal development, in the context of complex decision-making processes and in crisis and conflict management through a trusting, solution-oriented exchange at a high level.

The THRONSBERG coach is neither a trainer nor a therapist, nor should he be interpreted as some kind of know-it-all who pretends to solve tricky challenges in one fell swoop with a PowerPoint presentation.

Rather, the THRONSBERG coach is a true sparring partner at eye level due to his or her profound experience, professional qualifications and strong communication skills: He or she asks the "right" questions and follows up "correctly". Even though the coach sees himself as an independent consultant, he offers the individually necessary guidance due to his comprehensive approach. In the course of the process coaching, coach and coachee work out options for achieving the goals and visions set as motivating factors. The joint compilation of concrete measures, tasks and a realistic timeline for implementation by the coachee are all part of successful THRONSBERG coaching.


A change of perspective does not simply revolve around a single possible different way of looking at things. It is even more important to change the perspective in order to penetrate individual patterns of thinking and behavior and to realize possibilities for more efficient and effective self-management and leadership skills.

Strengths are important and receive further support, weaknesses are cushioned as far as possible or led into irrelevance. Inhibiting bottleneck factors are identified as well as critical success factors. New impulses enable changes in thinking, evaluating and acting in order to positively shape one's own reality in the long term, both personally and professionally, and to be able to overcome areas of tension.


THRONSBERG offers coaching in a professional context for professionals. Workshops for individuals, groups of employees as well as teams (keyword Team Building) are aligned with the individual topics of the participants. THRONSBERG offers systemic consulting, for example, to increase performance, deal with conflicts, or find a motivated approach to challenges, among other things, as one-time half-day or full-day coaching workshops by arrangement. In addition, individual agreements are possible as part of medium- or long-term support.

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