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THRONSBERG as an employer of the future

17. July 2023

Awarded by the German Institute for Sustainability and Digitalization (DIND), we are pleased to now be able to title THRONSBERG as an official employer of the future.

Brigitte Zypries, former Federal Minister, presents the award as patron.

Brigitte Zypris, Bundesministerin a.D. verleiht die Auszeichnung als Schirmherrin

THRONSBERG is Employer of the Future

At THRONSBERG, we are proud to announce that we have won the prestigious "Employer of the Future Award"! This prestigious award, presented by the German Institute for Sustainability and Digitalization (DIND), recognizes companies that excel in innovation and future viability and offer their employees an inspiring work environment. It is an honor for us to be among the companies that have received this award.
The "Employer of the Future Award" is based on an extensive review process that evaluates companies on five key assessment criteria:

1. modern leadership
2. innovative strength
3. status of digital transformation
4. employee friendliness
5. recruiting strategies

Modern leadership is critical to us at THRONSBERG. We believe in flat hierarchies, open communication and fostering a culture of trust and collaboration. Through innovation and continuous development, we ensure that we meet the changing demands of our industry. The state of digital transformation is an important aspect for us, strengthening our competitiveness while creating a modern working environment.

The satisfaction of our employees is very important to us. That is why we offer flexible working hours at THRONSBERG to promote a good work-life balance. We value the diversity and individuality of our workforce and support an open and inclusive work culture.

Our recruiting strategies aim to attract talented professionals and build long-term employee relationships. We use targeted measures to attract qualified employees and build a diverse and dynamic workforce.

DIND evaluates companies not only in terms of individual aspects, but also attaches great importance to their holistic future viability in economic, ecological, social and digital terms. This comprehensive approach reflects the challenges we face as a company in order to be prepared for the future.

Winning the "Employer of the Future Award" confirms our commitment at THRONSBERG to providing excellent services in the aforementioned areas and meeting the requirements of the changing labor market.


A look behind the scenes: Interview with Vincent Zepfel, Research Analyst and Working Stundent 

Vincent, how would you describe the working atmosphere at THRONSBERG?

As a working student at THRONSBERG, I would describe the working atmosphere as extremely positive and motivating. There is an open and cooperative culture in which all employees feel valued and respected. Teamwork and collaboration are the focus, and everyone is encouraged to contribute their ideas and suggestions. In addition, I appreciate the flexibility offered to me as a working student. THRONSBERG understands the challenges that come with studying and supports me in balancing my studies and work. Attention is paid to a good work-life balance, which contributes to a healthy work atmosphere.

What aspects of the working environment at THRONSBERG appealed to you the most?

At THRONSBERG, the focus is on flexibility, innovation and flat hierarchies. As previously mentioned, the company offers a flexible work environment that allows me to effectively combine my studies and work. Flexibility such as home office options create a pleasant working atmosphere all around, in which I feel comfortable and motivated, which in turn has a positive effect on my productivity. Another important value at THRONSBERG is innovation. The company attaches great importance to a forward-looking mindset and offers room for creative ideas and new approaches. In addition, THRONSBERG maintains flat hierarchies. This means that open communication and direct interaction between employees at different levels are encouraged. This enables faster decision-making, improves the flow of information and promotes a collaborative work culture. The ability to interact directly with colleagues and supervisors creates an increased learning curve and allows for effective collaboration.

What would you say to other students who are thinking about applying to THRONSBERG as a working student?

If you are looking for an exciting working student position that offers you the opportunity to work on innovative projects and develop personally, then you should definitely consider applying to THRONSBERG. At THRONSBERG, you can expect an inspiring work environment where teamwork, open communication and mutual support are central. You'll be supported by a dedicated team full of young professionals ready to guide you in your professional growth. With flexible working hours and a positive sense of community, THRONSBERG offers a great opportunity to gain valuable experience during your studies. You also gain a good overview of the private capital industry, which is essential to structure your theoretical knowledge on a practical level and achieve best results in your studies.