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Sustainability in action: 1,000 THRONSBERG trees for Hesse

We are very pleased to inform you that THRONSBERG is planting 1,000 new seedlings in Hesse forests with the W. & L. Jordan GmbH Foundation.

💡Sustainability in action: 1,000 THRONBSERG trees for Hesse

As some of you probably know, Erdmann is not only our Chief Happiness Officer, but also accompanies me in the practice of hunting. This shared passion regularly takes Erdmann and me out into nature.

🌲Since Goethe at the latest, we Germans have had an often romanticized relationship with the forest. It is a place of longing, offers protection, energy and, last but not least, is the basis of life for all of us. And yet the German forest is also in a deplorable state.

This is where I have been working privately as a small-scale conservationist for years, and now I want to make a positive contribution with THRONSBERG.

🌱In 2023, THRONSBERG will therefore plant 1,000 new seedlings in Hessian forests together with the W. & L. Jordan GmbH Foundation. For us, this is a practical contribution to sustainability right on our own doorstep.